Matar Bin Lahej is an artist specializing in plastic artist, sculpture and photography.

He has participated in a number of international exhibitions in: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Berlin – Germany and Istanbul – Morocco. He is Director of ‘Matar Atelier for Plastic Arts’, which he established to fulfill the desires of the creative community. His mission is to explore, embrace, polish and refine artistic talents; and to nurture appreciation of the value of art and creative development through inculcating a greater respect, understanding and attachment to nature.

 Bin Lahej also runs the Bin Lahej Group and Roots Group for artistic communication. He is a member of the Architectural Heritage Society. Since 1996, he has participated in dozens of group exhibitions; and been awarded numerous of international and local certificates of appreciation. He also organized a number of solo exhibitions from 1999 onwards, such as the Matar Annual Exhibition (1999-2010); and a by-play in Germany at the Ayyam Gallery in 2009.