Life on our planet now… is not the same as when we launched the Ninth Season of our competition!

New developments and changes, spreading across all continents of the world, are forcing us to reconsider our way of thinking and our behavior. Throughout this time, humanity has emerged as the ever sustainable security blanket comforting us all; capable of inspiring positive and tangible changes.

To transform the word ‘Humanity’ from letters on a page or a word that is uttered and let it come to life through the lens of a camera brings to the surface a myriad of emotions for a photographer; challenging them to embrace and inspire through their creative eye for our Tenth Season of competition.

In addition, this season offers the photography community the creative space to combine their artistry and talent in grasping the multi-layered aesthetics of our newest category titled ‘Architectural Photography’; both modern and ancient architectural icons. This is the chance for photographers to capture the splendor of the interiors and exteriors of architecture from their own perspective.

Returning for another season will be the ‘Portfolio’ category. This category once again demonstrates its strength with some of the most fascinating submissions throughout the years of competition. Similarly, the ‘General’ category is back and is set to delve into the creative minds of photographers, allowing them to express themselves through black and white or coloured submissions.


This category remains a favourite among photographers who have an outstanding eye for visual compositions that do not necessarily fall into any of the other categories.

Year after year, this category has gained quality and diversity, not to mention numbers, with over a third all entries registered in HIPA.

HIPA continues to offer participants two opportunities to participate in this category; one for black and white entries, to give deserved substance to this classic art-form, and the other for colour entries, giving participants the option to dazzle the jury and viewers with their vibrant compositions.


This field of photography is distinguished by a special aesthetic that contributes to its increasing spread and expansion internationally. This art has a direct cosmetic influence on the subjects of photography, as it highlights the evidence of visual gravity hidden in angles that are difficult for the public to notice or capture, it translates the depth of visual manipulation and the harmony of color and concept, and it discusses harmony and contrast in the mosaic of architecture and its various schools.

We launch this category to open the horizons of creativity for those with talent and experience in grasping the aesthetics of engineering details through their lenses, and showing the splendour of interior or exterior architecture with their own perspectives.

We offer you a special opportunity to translate the relationship between the genius of the lens and the uniqueness of architecture.

ARCHITECTURAL PHOTOGRAPHY - A Cultural - Iconic Building

A Cultural - Iconic Building





ARCHITECTURAL PHOTOGRAPHY - Mobile Architectural Photography

Mobile Architectural Photography


The Portfolio category returns challenging photographers to showcase their storytelling skills through a series of photographs.

A strong photographic story delves into the heart of a subject matter and leaves no margin for misinterpretation.

A portfolio of photographs allows photographers to capture the hearts and minds of audiences in a way which may not be possible through a single photograph.


One of the most important subjects that is closely observed within the photography world is ‘Humanity’ - a message that loyally binds the people of this planet together.

Photographing the human race has both a profound and powerful impact in inspiring change such as saving millions of lives from diseases, epidemics and disasters as well as wars and its devastating effects.

A photograph details everything. It has the ability to disturb as well as convey its content to audiences around the world in order to connect to their humanity and awareness.

Can a photo impact society? Are you moved when the depth of humanity touches you and reaches her arms around the globe?

We invite you to share the human spirit through photography, and inspire the world with your story of humanity.


The Photography Appreciation Award

There are many passionate people within the photography industry who are dedicated and relentless in their pursuit for excellence. These people offer their services and expertise without expecting a return on their efforts and therefore form a vital part of the photographic community.

The ‘Photography Appreciation Award’ is a special category for a person or group who has shown long-standing commitment to enhancing the art of photography. By awarding the recipient, HIPA hopes to give back a small amount of the respect and appreciation they deserve.

The Photography Content Creator Award

Service to photography is not limited to taking stunning photographs, but extends to editors, publishers, bloggers, researchers, inventors, promoters and all print and digital content creators that have had a positive impact on the industry and helped shape it to what it is today.

Emerging Person/Organization in Photography Award

This award is presented to an emerging person or organization that has shown outstanding work or vision in the photography industry on a regional, national or international level.

All winners of the Special Awards are to be exclusively selected by HIPA.


  • Season Theme Humanity will be the main theme of the season.
  • Grand Prize The Grand Prize (USD $120,000) will be chosen from any category available this season, and not only from the main theme.
  • Submission Deadline Last day of participation will be on 30 November 2020 at 11:59 pm (UAE local time)
  • Special Awards There are THREE Special Awards for the eighth Season and they are; ‘The Photography Appreciation Award’, ‘The Photography Content Creator Award’’, ‘The Photography Content Creator Award’ and the ‘and the ‘Emerging Person/Organization in Photography Award’.’.
  • Other categories Other categories are; General, Portfolio and the Architectural
  • General category The General Category will have two sub categories: Colour and Black and White.
  • Black & White Participants are allowed to submit Black and White photographs in all categories except the ‘General - Colour’ sub category.
  • Photo Criteria Submitted Photo(s) must be in JPEG format, with high quality and resolution, of a minimum 5 MB in size, the minimum of the longest edge should be no less than 2000 pixel and the quality no less than 300dpi and to be suitable for publication
  • Raw Photo Participants are requested to submit the raw/original camera files at the same time of submitting their photographs
  • Story Telling In the Portfolio category, participants are required to submit 5-10 photographs telling one story

GrandPrize 120000

1st 25,000
2nd 22,000
3rd 20,000
4th 18,000
5th 15,000
1st 20,000
2nd 18,000
3rd 16,000
4th 10,000
5th 6,000
1st 15,000
2nd 10,000
3rd 5,000
1st 15,000
2nd 13,000
3rd 11,000
4th 9,000
5th 7,000
Interior General Mobile Architectural Photography Exterior A Cultural - Iconic Building

GrandTotal 450000


All the Prize money will be in US Dollars


This contest is not sponsored, endorsed, or administered by Apple Inc. The participants understand that they are providing information to HIPA and not to Apple Inc. Any questions, comments, or complaints regarding the contest should be directed to HIPA and not to Apple Inc.

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Special Award Winners