What's New

  • Water will be the main theme of this season.
  • The Grand Prize (USD $120,000) will be chosen from any category this season.
  • Last day of participation will be on 31 October 2019 at 11:59 pm (UAE local time)
  • There are THREE Special Awards for the Ninth Season - ‘The Photography Appreciation Award’, ‘The Photography Content Creator Award’ and the ‘Emerging Person/Organization in Photography Award’.
  • Other categories are: General, Portfolio and Mobile photography
  • The General Category will have two sub categories ‘Colour’ and ‘Black and White’.
  • Participants are allowed to submit a Black and White photograph in all categories except the ‘General – Color’ sub category.
  • Submitted Photo(s) must be in JPEG format, with high quality and resolution, of a minimum 5 MB in size, the minimum of the longest edge should be no less than 2000 pixel and the quality no less than 300dpi except the Mobile category where the photo must be no less than 2 MB and to be suitable for publication.
  • Participants are requested to submit the RAW/original camera files at the same time of submitting their photographs.
  • In the Portfolio category, participants are required to submit 5-10 photographs of the same subject matter as part of their submission.





Water 2019-2020

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