As HIPA’s Seventh Season of competition dawns on photographers from all around the world, various surprises await them in the conquest for photographic success.

After six seasons of competition, and over a quarter of a million visual photographic masterpieces, HIPA has once again set out to inspire photographers from all walks of life to attain greatness through forward thinking and creativity. We request that photographers, for a short while, forget the past and ignore the future to be fully immersed in ‘The Moment’. Photographers must delve deep into the madness and spontaneity of the present when capturing their photographs for HIPA’s Seventh Season main category.

The biggest surprise of this season is the launch of video submissions for the Seventh Season of competition. The new ‘Time-lapse’ category, introduces an exciting phase in the competition which targets a new segment of the creative community.

For a second season in succession, the ‘Portfolio’ category returns, having attracted a total of 33,950 photographs in its inaugural edition. Likewise, the ‘General’ category will once again delve into the creative minds of photographers, affording them a full remit to express themselves through black and white or coloured submissions.


The Moment 2017-2018

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