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Landfill Ballerina

A girl searching for recyclable items in a landfill in Guwahati, India. A small community lives inside this landfill and work as a team, some barefooted, sorting through mountains of garbage for less than $2 a day. They share this landfill with the endangered stork, the greater adjutant, along with some cows and dogs. The garbage is stacked very high and is very unpredictable since the ground beneath their feet can collapse at any time. The stench and fumes from the garbage is strong and heavy with animal feces and worms swimming everywhere in this ocean of trash. The homes in this community have no electricity or running water, and people live in an extremely unhealthy environment, with little to no chance of escaping.


A Butterfly in Water

A tattooed swimmer competing at the Italian National Paralympic Swimming Championships. The young man, whose arms are amputated, is the national champion in the 200 metres individual medley.


Knowledge, the Most Powerful Weapon

A boy on his way to school walks past an armed man in a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon. Children in refugee camps often face two options growing up; either join an armed group or attain an education which would be a stepping stone to a brighter future.


A Fight for Survival

Two white-tailed eagles fight over food in the cold Hungarian plains. The majestic adults duel with one another, sometimes to the death, in a bid to rein supreme and ensure they are well fed during the harsh winter months.


Grown Up Too Soon

In a small Syrian refugee camp on the Syrian-Jordanian border, there are no adults in sight as they are out looking for work. In the pitiful conditions, a small girl is left carrying her young infant sister who is draped in a dirty old blanket.


Angels of the Clinic

Time goes by very slowly in a cancer clinic for children in the Russian city of Novosibirsk. Despite the challenges and difficulties faced by the youngsters, they smile and play around as if everything is fine.

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Since ancient times, many believed that the world we live in resembles a single vessel which has both a soul and an intellect. An entity which itself is alive and is composed of other components that are inter-related and share common characteristics. Mother nature is a harmonious combination of a variety of plants and animals, representing fertility, continuity and unity.


The River of Life

Our lives and the time we spend on this earth are much like a river; it does not stop for anyone until we each reach our eventual and final destination. The beauty of this photograph doesn’t only lie in its representation of childhood and its place as a shore of safety, but the eventual drifting into the unknown once a human has reached an old age.



With smart phone technology rapidly increasing, the use of a cellphone whilst driving has unfortunately become a common practice amongst many young drivers. The harsh reality is that this technology which has made our lives easier, in so many ways has now become a silent killer.


When She Grows Up

Memories can live inside a human being like flowers inside a vase. Sometimes memories can blossom inside a person and other times they can painfully wither inside a person’s mind for an entire lifetime. It is down to the owner of these memories/flowers to pick out the good ones and move on from the bad ones.



Many humans deal with depression and anxiety on a daily basis. These two diseases can arise at an early age and often overwhelm a person whilst growing up, leading to a difficult life later on. With the right support and guidance though, the most difficult of situations can be made easier and the fight against this common enemy can be successfully achieved.

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The Balance

A small ant balances itself upright using two leaves while a water drop is about to fall.


Dragonfly Delirium

A sleeping dragonfly is covered in early morning dew, giving the effect that it is swimming in a pool of soap bubbles.



A bird’s eye view of a container port with the swathes of containers creating a symmetrical effect of beauty and elegance.

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To Catch a Blessing

A woman pushing past other worshippers trying to catch holy ‘Prasad’; a religious ritual celebrated by Hindus in rural West Bengal, India.


The Peace Village

For many young victims of war, medical treatment in Europe is their last chance for survival. An initiative established in 1967 by German citizens has helped many children over the years to come to Europe for medical treatment and rehabilitation. Upon successful medical treatment and rehabilitation, the children return to their native countries and families.


Flood of Loneliness

An elderly woman living alone in the Arunachal Pradesh province in Northern India is clutching her head in agony. Living in a remote tribal region with no support from family or friends has taken a toll on the 85 year old.

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Silence of the Mansion

An abandoned mansion lies in ruin. The memories and belongings of its former occupants are all that is left within its walls. The chairs, bedrooms, a piano, a book and even an old painting of young children, fail to tell the full story of the people and lives that once lived here.

Six Degrees South

Poor coastal communities around the world are suffering as a result of industrialised fishing expeditions and the slow rise in sea levels. The next 20 years will likely see fishermen and their communities all negatively affected by this phenomenon and possibly leading to millions having to abandon the shores and move into urban areas inland.

Underwater Dreams

A beautiful mixture of contemporary, underwater, fashion and portrait photography all infused into a group of photographs like never before. Elegance and beauty can tell a story even in the least conventional settings.

Digging for the Future

Burkina Faso is one of the poorest countries in the world, yet ranks fourth in Africa's production of gold. Much of this gold comes from small-scale mines, where children work alongside their parents from dawn to dusk in very hazardous conditions. Mines collapse frequently, and the working environment is intoxicated with dangerous chemicals like mercury, which is used in the process of extracting gold.


A major earthquake measuring 8.0 on the Richter scale jolted China's Sichuan Province on May 12th , 2008, killing over 87,000 people and injuring about 37,000. The photographer rushed to the quake zone and took many photographs of the disaster scenes and affected people. One year later, the photographer returned to Sichuan to re-visit the affected people he’d photographed. He did the same five years after that.


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