Building on a five-year tradition of inspiring artistic and intellectual talents to propagate the true spirit of photography and highlight its crucial role in the creation of a culture, as well as giving recognition to innovators worldwide, HIPA resumes its journey with you today to declare “Challenge” as the main theme category for the Sixth Edition of the Awards. This choice of category is meant to provoke photographers’ inner thoughts and life impressions in search for the visuals that give expression to the meaning of challenge as they understand it from their own experience, and the individuality through which they treat it through the lens of a camera.

You may have noticed that HIPA this year is adding a new tone to its outlook, which is ushering in a new stage in its journey towards photographic endeavour, in pursuit of added knowledge and skills for further advancement of its global audience in 193 countries.

Following the easy flowing, heart warming theme of Happiness, we now hear a strong call in the “challenge” theme, which seeks to mobilise our mental skills, visual memory and creative power to produce powerful and effective visual expressions that go beyond the single photo format, into a sequence of photos that is completely different in nature and requirements from the single photo, and that make the photographer truly a story teller. This is the Photo Feature category.

Furthermore, in recognition of the great technological leap that has allowed photographers to develop new skillsets in the editing and manipulation of photographs, HIPA has opened the door wide open for photographers’ imagination through the launch of the Digital Manipulation category. Finally, the General Category will continue to be a space for pure creative photography that breaks all formats and norms, offering photographers the opportunity to freely sail on their own journey of discovery where no one else has been – whether in black and white or coloured photography.

Thus, creativity and innovation are open to you on different platforms, and wherever your talent lies you have the opportunity to create a work of art you can truly be proud of.


The Challenge 2016-2017

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