Love of the Homeland (Earth)

The love of one’s “homeland” still represents the most graceful images of human connection to the Earth. It portrays the intimate relationship between both; the value of each drop of sweat exerted by man to uphold the value of his homeland, uplifting it and contributing to its renaissance and freedom in order for it to take stature among nations. It is within this pivot we unleash the innovative talents to photograph what they believe to be worthy of representing the passion, convergence and solid relationship between a man and his land.

Choosing ‘The love of homeland’ as an essential pivot for the first round of ‘Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award’ reflects the desire of the Charge of the project, and most importantly the Patron of the Award and board of trustees, to root the love of homeland in the hearts and minds of its sons and daughters for what it represents; which is a complete materialisation of the human’s desire to transmit a true image of their homeland. This true image reflects its historical heritage, flourishing reality, and a future seen through the eyes of the captivator with the vision of transmitting this love in an image, which expresses from the heart their ultimate sentimental and emotional sense.


God’s heaven on Earth, a true miracle, which materialised from beneath a wise leadership despite many obstacles and challenges which were faced in its journey during the past years, would not have been realised without anything other than the best. With this in mind the Award saw no other option than to dedicate a whole pivot to Dubai; one which allows photographers to present the photographs which truly reflect this city of achievements in all its glory.

Growth in the city hasn’t just been constructional or about business, it has been accompanied by enormous human development too. This Award is proof of that, making this pivot the ideal platform to demonstrate Dubai’s high stature. Wherever you turn in Dubai you will find something worthy of being immortalised in a photograph and within a fascinating artistic mold. What remains in print is what the lens yields as being an appropriate transmission for all, expressing the reality witnessed by the city of ambitions.

This is a pivot, which represents creativity materialising creativity, a point where beauty resonates through pictures, demonstrating the talent and artistic vision of the photographer. This is the greatness of the Emirate of Dubai, which takes pride in its talents as much as it takes pride in its renaissance.


This element of the Award unleashes photographers to shoot and share their passions, emotions and visions. Each creative artist has the ultimate freedom to express his/her feelings in his/her own way, a chance for their ideals and visions to share a moment in the sun in this most prestigious international art event. The general pivot grants the participators a free reign to choose to portray whatever they find appropriate; within the standards, criteria and conditions of the Award.

Creativity has no limits, neither in time nor space. To “stand out from the crowd” is a goal on its own, even for amateurs. This Award grants the opportunity to everyone, without exception, to share what their talents yield through their lenses, and for the audience to witness the true meaning of limitless innovation. The theme could be events, creatures, or even influential personalities, which have contributed, in some way, in achieving human renaissance.



Love of Earth 2011-2012

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