Welcome to the fourth season of the highly acclaimed HIPA photography awards. You’re invited to share your imaginative mind, your passion for your craft and push yourself to produce your best work yet.

It’s your opportunity to explore the beauty of the world that surrounds you, to distil a story, to dive into a rich pool of colour and depict an emotive moment in time.
This year’s theme ‘Life in Colour’ is a wonderfully open brief that allows your creative mind to explore an array of exciting avenues –where will this journey take you?

We encourage you to unleash your lenses. To express yourself freely, and let your imagination lead you to gain the recognition you deserve.

Within this season’s Life in Colour theme there are four opportunities to showcase your eye for detail: these are:

‘Life in Colour’, ‘General/Entrants’ Choice’, ‘Faces’, and ‘Night Photography’ categories.

Find out more about these and get your creative juices flowing by reading the descriptive yet open-to-interpretation introductions that we’ve provided.

Think of them as the catalyst for your ideas and your springboard to creative excellence.

Here’s to capturing the people, the places, and the colours of life that make our world such an exciting place to live.


Life in colour 2014-2015

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