The beauty of life is its colour.

From fresh cooling blues, calming terracotta hues, deep rich reds to vibrant sunshiny yellows, colour has the ability to alter our psyche. They can bring a warming glow into a dull day and turn the corners of our mouths upwards.

Colour speaks of the people, places, animals, plants and consumables that play a starring role in our everyday lives.

Colour can add a splash of drama.

It can be muted and emulate the calmness within. It has the ability to say so much more than just its one or two-worded name.

Bright white can speak of freshly painted walls, teeth within a tanned face, or clean laundered bed sheets blowing in the breeze – each one depicts a very different story.

But what does ‘Life in Colour’ say to you?

That's up for your creative mind to decide.

General / Entrants’ choice

If you had to choose just one piece of work to reflect your passion for capturing life through a lens, which photograph would you submit?

This category gives you the opportunity to enter a truly outstanding piece of photography that best exemplifies the excellence of the HIPA awards.

It’s completely open, embraces all subject matters, removes boundaries and offers participants the chance to choose work that reflects their style as long as they adhere to the criteria and regulations of the Award.


People are a fascinating subject matter.

Laughter lines of experience, smiling shining eyes that express a moment of gratitude, a mouth left wide open in awe – the human face can speak to the soul, address your mind and captivate your heart.

We invite you to explore emotions, capture someone’s compelling story, and evoke the attitude, personality and essence of people who have inspired you to pick up your camera and record our great rich and varied lives.

In this category we encourage you to maintain the authenticity of the beauty of life, and portray the finer details that make each one of us so special and unique. The use of black and white demands accomplished compositions and expert use of light: this is a true test of your ability.

Night Photography

Night time can bring still, starry calmness, the hustle and bustle of people leaving work and heading home, a blank canvas for celebratory fireworks, roaring campfires and the shining lights of traffic.

It offers mysterious shadows to hide in.

Speaks of secrets waiting to be discovered once light arrives.

The dark veil of night provides a romantic light to capture a glimmer of beauty. There’s something truly magical about it.

This category gives you the chance to play with your creativeness, reveal the beguiling charm of the night and offers you the perfect opportunity to shine.


Life in colour 2014-2015

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