GARY KNIGHT | United States of America

American award-winning photographer and a co-founder and director of the VII Photo Agency, Gary Knight is also the co-director of the VII Foundation and director and founder of the VII Academy.

Gary is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Frontline Club, London; co-founder of The GroundTruth Project, Boston; founding director of the Program for Narrative & Documentary Practice at the Institute for Global Leadership at Tufts University; twice chair and president of the World Press Photo Award; was a Nieman Fellow at Harvard University in 2009; and a Logan Non Fiction Fellow at the Carey Institute in 2017.

He was a contract photographer for Newsweek in the 1990’s and 2000’s. Gary has worked as a photographer all over the world since the late 1980’s, early in his career in conflict photography, and more recently with an increased focus on anthropology and socioeconomics.

BRENT STIRTON | South Africa

A South African photographer, Senior Correspondent for Getty Images and a Fellow at the National Geographic Society, Brent Stirton specializes in documentary and investigative photojournalism.

Since 2007, he has focused most of his attention on man’s connection with the environment.

His works are regularly published by: National Geographic Magazine, GEO, Le Figaro, Le Monde, Vanity Fair, Newsweek, Time, The New York Times Magazine, The UK Sunday Times Magazine and many other respected international titles.

In 2016, Brent won the National Geographic Magazine Photographer’s Photographer Award.

His accolades include 12 awards from World Press Photo, 13 awards from The Pictures of the Year International, winner of the Wildlife Photojournalist of the Year three years in a row by the Natural History Museum of the UK and multiple Lucie Awards including International Photographer of the Year.

Brent placed second in HIPA’s Fifth Season Awards, ‘Happiness’.

He has worked on Emmy and Bafta Award winning documentaries and received a Peabody Award for his work with Human Rights Watch.

Brent remains committed to issues of sustainability, health and the environment; working with conservation groups around the world, spending years in the field in the course of documenting their work. He feels that the work these people are doing is vital and under-recognized. He aims to shine a light on these individuals and their preservation of world heritage on behalf of all of us.

Hanaa Turkistani | Saudi Arabia

A Saudi artist, photographer and academic trainer from Jeddah, with a BA in Art Education. Her studies in Arts had a role in rooting her artistic personality; and since 2005 photography became the title of her passion. Hanaa believes that modern and old buildings tell beautiful stories, so her passion is based on architectural photography, cities and nature; which has allowed her to her travel constantly to see architectural models around the world.

Hanaa is a representative of Nikon School in the Middle East since 2020, holder of PSA GOLD from NBPC International Photo Salon and a certified trainer of photography. She has hosted numerous lectures and workshops around the GCC countries.

Her works have been published in La PEDRERA, a British book on architecture around the world.  Masterclass Magazine has published her works several times, and some of her works have been included in the first edition of the e-book, Wephoto Through the Eyes of Women.

Hanaa participated in many exhibitions in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE, Italy, Tajikistan, Morocco, and Pakistan, as well as the Cairo Opera House Art Exhibition 2017.


Catalin Marin is an architectural, interior and lifestyle photographer based in Dubai for the past 15 years. He has been living in the Middle East for 20 years and has traveled extensively to over 85 countries.

His background in design has given him a unique perspective and an eye for detail which has allowed him to work with top tier clients across the region, providing creative imagery for clients like Emirates Airlines, Marriott, Samsung, Virgin Australia and many others.

His works have been featured by Nikon, BBC Travel, Lonely Planet Middle East, Time Out, Mondo*ARC and Geo Magazine.

Since 2007, he runs a popular travel photography blog at www.momentaryawe.com/blog, with over 1250 articles published so far, attracting more than a million visitors since its inception.


French photographer, Eric Bouvet began his photographic career in 1981 after studying art and graphic industries in Paris.

His interest in photography was sparked when, at the age of 8, he watched the first live television images of the Apollo 11 mission landing on the moon. It was then that he realized the importance of news and historic moments, not to mention capturing them on film.

Bouvet worked as a staff photographer at the French photo agency Gamma during the 1980s and launched his freelance career in 1990. He first won international recognition with his 1986 pictures of the rescue efforts in the aftermath of a volcano eruption in Omeyra, Colombia. Since then, Bouvet has covered conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Chechnya, Sudan, Somalia, the former Yugoslavia, Lebanon, Israel, Northern Ireland, Kurdistan, Surinam, Burundi, Libya, and Ukraine.

He has covered major international events including the funeral of Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran, Tiananmen Square in China, the fall of the Berlin Wall, Prague’s Velvet Revolution, the U.S. attack on Libya, the release of Nelson Mandela, the Olympic Games, and the migrant crisis in Europe.

He has also worked on many ‘society’ stories including life in Russian jails, young sailors on aircraft carriers, French police working in the Paris suburbs, France’s last coal miners, and life at a pediatric clinic for children with cancer.

Since 2011, he has worked on documentaries projects with large format camera, 4x5 and 8X10; and most recently ‘L’Oise et le coronavirus’, ‘Paris in quarantine, at the time of the coronavirus’ and a three-year long project, ’The French’.

His work has been published in many international magazines including Time, Life, Newsweek, Paris-Match, Stern, The New York Time's Magazine and The Sunday Times Magazine. He has also led photographic campaigns of United Nations, various NGOs and charities including Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), International Red Cross (ICRC), Medecins du Monde (MDM), and Action Against Hunger (ACF).

For the past 20 years, he has given workshops in Arles and many European countries.

Along the way, Bouvet has received five World Press Awards, as well as two Visa d’Or Awards (Perpignan Photo Festival), the gold medal for the 150th anniversary of photography, the Bayeux-Calvados Award for War Correspondents, the Public Award from Bayeux-Calvados, the Front Line Club Award, the Paris-Match Award, and the ‘2020 Photographer of the Year Award by Polka.

ZIYAH GAFIĆ | Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnian photographer, Ziyah Gafic is an award-winning photojournalist and videographer based in Sarajevo focusing on societies locked in a perpetual cycle of violence and Muslim communities around the world - covering major stories in over 50 countries.

Ziyah’s works have received many prestigious awards including multiple awards at World Press Photo, Grand Prix Discovery of the Year at Les Rencontres d’Arles, Hasselblad Masters Award, City of Perpignan Award for Young Reporters at Visa pour l’Image, Photo District News, Getty Images grant for editorial photography, TED fellowship, Prince Claus grant, and Magnum Emergency fund grant.

His work is regularly published in leading international publications. Ziyah authored several monographs including ‘Troubled Islam – short stories from troubled societies’, ‘Quest for Identity’ and the most recent ‘Heartland’.


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