After the conclusion of ‘The Moment’ season, a new chapter of creativity and inspiration begins with the eighth season of competition titled, ‘Hope’. This new concept will no doubt have countless interpretations that will test talented photographers from around the world in their quest for photographic excellence.

This season, HIPA will introduce a new form of dialogue which is commonly shared by various human civilizations and cultures. ‘Hope’ is a dialogue that calls for the strengthening and consolidating of our ideologies and behaviour patterns, it is an infinite fuel for life.

Last season, the ‘Time-lapse’ category was a pleasant surprise for photographers that were eager to keep up with the latest trends and developments in the photographic industry. As a result, the category produced a large number of stunning submissions that impressed millions of photography enthusiasts around the world.

This season’s surprise comes in the shape of an aerial challenge set out to photographers, which will be the ‘Aerial Photography’ video category. This challenge will open the door for thrill-seeking lovers of aircraft photography and videography to produce unforgettable works that will no doubt transcend reality by imagination.

For the third season in succession, the ‘Portfolio’ category returns. This category once again demonstrated its strength, with some of the most fascinating submissions in the previous edition of HIPA. Likewise, the ‘General’ category returns and is set to delve into the creative minds of photographers, affording them a full remit to express themselves through black and white or coloured submissions.


Hope 2018-2019

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