Building the Vision


Invitation to participate in ‘Building the Vision’ Instagram photo contest

In collaboration with the Dubai Land Department, HIPA invites all professional and amateur photographers to take part in a photo contest dedicated to Dubai’s modern and traditional architecture.

Perhaps one of the most distinguished aspects of Dubai is its captivating cityscapes. Modern architecture has flourished in Dubai, and the speed at which Dubai has grown has captured the imagination of visitors from all over the world. A pillar of modern and traditional Dubai, the impressive architecture displayed in the city's most famous buildings, from Burj Khalifa the tallest building in the world to the modern bespoke shopping districts, characterizes the city.

Architectural powerhouses have flocked to Dubai and while many of the buildings in Dubai today are distinctly modern, Dubai’s history and culture can still be seen in buildings around the city. Almost all the region’s finest modernist icons can be found in Dubai, a veritable encyclopaedia of contemporary design.

The photography contest entitled ‘Building the Vision’ should capture the distinction of Dubai’s architecture, be it historical or modern.

Submissions for the contest will be accepted via Instagram only.

Deadline for participation is Friday, 20th October 2017


Position Prize Money
1st AED 10,000 + professional camera
2nd AED 7,500
3rd AED 5,000


Rules and Regulations


  1. The competition is open for online submissions only (the Submissions), through the hashtag on Instagram. (hashtag is #HIPAContest_DLD)
  2. Submissions will be accepted from 00:01 on October 15th, 2017 until 24:00 on October 20th, 2017 UAE local time, (i.e. GMT +4). No Submissions made after the closing time will be accepted.
  3. Participants must be individuals aged 18 years and over at the time of their Submission.
  4. You can only submit one (1) photo for this competition.
  5. Submitted photo must be has an original file in JPEG format, with high quality and resolution, of a minimum 5 MB in size, the minimum of the longest edge should be no less than 2000 pixel and the quality no less than 300dpi to be suitable for publication.
  6. The submitted photo must not contain any tag(s), signature(s), initial(s), frame, border(s), logo(s) or any other references and/or marks added by the participant.
  7. Basic technical editing of the photo is acceptable, provided that any such editing does not affect the authenticity and/or genuineness of the photo.
  8. HIPA and/or DLD preserve the right to assess and discard from the competition any submitted photo deemed, contrary to the foregoing.
  9. Photos that portray or otherwise include inappropriate and/or offensive contents, including nudity, violence and/or any other contents deemed to be contrary to the UAE religious, cultural and/or public morals traditions and practices will be disqualified.
  10. The employees of HIPA and the employees of the Dubai Land Department and the organizer of the event are not entitled to participate in this competition.