The photo… a reflection of life

Dated: 16 Feb 2014

How many times have you found yourself looking for something on the internet or social media site and suddenly you’re looking at someone’s photo diary? You’re drawn to this smiling picture, this sunny day they are enjoying, what they had for breakfast, what they’re wearing for the office party. It’s utterly compelling, and you can find yourself looking at photos of strangers sat on beaches, friends who had their first holiday together ten years ago and are now revisiting this special place to post an updated photo of themselves in the present day. They shared their anecdotes; their social commentary and you’re left with a sense of connection with the world around you.

Some people take the way they portray themselves to the world very seriously as they believe it affects their emotional state. There’s an American guy who consistently took photos of himself each morning so that he could determine his day. If his photo reflected that he wasn’t happy, he would try and change his mood by any means, and go back to take another photo. Once his picture reflected a good or acceptable mood, his day could then begin.

For any artists, the way things look and feel determines their ability to work and find inspiration. One Arab writer has certain rituals when it comes to writing. He cannot write at his own place, as the image of the home is recurrent to him yet he cannot leave his place unless his makes sure that everything looks good. This means that the outer look of the place should be perfect, so he can leave feeling relieved. Afterwards, he goes to a new place which he never been, not even once, and picks a spot where he favors its light and view.

He doesn't stop here, he might change the colour of his coffee or tea cup, then put it in a special order on the table and take a glance on the different views around him, as if he is a high sensitive camera that can feel new ideas related to the place. He then waits for creative ideas to flow.

The photograph, the visual representation of ourselves or a piece of the world around us, can be seen as something which is alive, a being that interacts with other living beings around them. A being full of emotions, thoughts and expressions – each one of us is affected by our interaction with them.
Perhaps you should look deep into your soul and see how you can make a photo play a role in your day and creativity.

Bring focus to a photo that sets you up for the day.

Sahar Alzarei
Assistant Secretary-General

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