Macro Photography puts forward FIVE winners in HIPA’s Instagram Photo Contest

Dated: 07 Aug 2017

 The Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award (HIPA) has announced a total of five winners for the July edition of the Instagram Photo Contest, titled ‘Macro Photography’. HIPA received submissions under the hashtag #HIPAContest_Macro, through the official HIPA Instagram account @HIPAae. The five winners hail from; Indonesia, Iraq, Oman, the Palestinian Territories and the United Arab Emirates. All winners in the July edition of the contest will receive their respective ‘HIPA Recognition Awards’ in the coming days.


Commenting on the latest Instagram Photo Contest results, the Secretary General of HIPA His Excellency Ali bin Thalith said, “Macro photography is one of the most unique and intricate forms of photography today, due to the high level of detail and attention required to achieve results. That being said, it is a growing field that many talented photographers have delved into in recent years. The beauty in the artform lies in the photographer projecting an image that many cannot see with the naked eyeexposing an otherwise unseen world of imagery around us. This month’s Instagram Photo Contest winners are a great testament to this lovely art-form with their stunning photographs, and I congratulate each and every one of them for their winning photographs.”


Instagram Photo Contest winner and Omani Photographer, Rashid Almasoudi @rashod_macro, said that his winning photograph was of an insect that he saw on the way to a mosque in Ramadan last year. Almasoudi credits photoshop for being able to put the photograph together and claims that the image is, “the merging of several modified photographs taken last year and recently of the same insect”. The electrical engineer, who has won several regional photo contests in the past added, “I hope to reach my ambition and receive support from other talented macro photographers which may one day lead to my work being exhibited either in Oman or overseas.”



Another winner, Palestinian Abd Al Rahman Al Hammad @hammad_macro said, “Six months ago, I found an insect hiding in my clothes at home in the Gaza Strip. Even though I didn’t have much experience in macro photography and I didn’t own the proper equipment, I wanted to photograph the insect with the basic camera and lenses I had collected over the past 3 years. I used my hand to hold the insect still and was pleasantly surprised to see the results of my basic work. Even more so, I was delighted to learn of my win in the Instagram Photo Contest as it is the first time I have ever won a prize in a photography competition of any sort. The standard of winning photographs in the HIPA Instagram Photo Contest has really strengthened my resolve in wanting to become a more recognised photographer, and I hope to be able to achieve that in the future.”


Full list of winners:


Instagram @





Wahyu Budiyanto






Rashid  Almasoudi






Essam Jasim






Abd Al Rahman Hammad


Palestinian Territory




Yousef Al Habshi


United Arab Emirates


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