Please read the HIPA set of guidelines before submitting your entries. We cannot accept entries which don’t abide by the rules.

  1. Submissions open on 21stof March 2013, and close at midnight of the 31stof December 2013. All times and dates are based on UAE times and dates, and no entries will be accepted after the closing deadline.
  2. The competition is restricted to entrants aged 18 years and over.
  3. Submissions will be accepted exclusively through the “Online Registration” page available on the website.
  4. Competitors must provide HIPA with appropriate titles to their submitted photograph(s).
  5. Competitors are permitted a maximum of 4 entries into this year’s HIPA award, 1 for each category available.
  6. Upon submitting an entry and accepting the terms of competition, a competitor is therefore legally and morally bound by the photograph and its content. Submissions must abide by all forms of copyright and intellectual property rights, any infringements will be the competitor’s responsibly and not HIPA’s.
  7. Competitors must follow basic ethical and legal standpoints in their submissions and not violate or offend issues such as human rights or environmental protection.
  8. All submissions must be untagged and free of any form of signature, initial or logo that the photographer may have added.
  9. All rights associated to photographs all categories of the award will be protected by the management of HIPA. The HIPA management though takes no responsibility for any technical errors or unforeseen mistakes that may cause damage or late entry of submitted photographs.
  10. Submissions which have won previous award(s), OR have been announced as winners of any award(s) OR have been proven to have won any unannounced award(s) prior to the 31st of December 2013 will not be accepted into any category of the award. Submissions which have been used for commercial purposes will also not be accepted into any category of the award and the submitter is therefore liable to any legal costs and/or charges incurred upon false submission.
  11. Photographs submitted must be of high quality and be suitable for publication. They must also be in JPEG format and no less than 2 MB in size.
  12. HIPA has the legal right to use the winning photographs for promotional purposes. Any promotional work would be done through print, publishing and other forms of written or visual media.
  13. HIPA’s judging panel hold the authority to turn down or reject any submission without having to give notice or explanation to the submitter of the photograph.
  14. Winners shall receive their prize money within a period of two months subsequent to the awards ceremony and announcements. HIPA holds the right to award the prize money to winners in whichever way is seen as most appropriate. Winners must provide HIPA with their bank account and personal details upon request.  
  15.  The above rules have been edited in Arabic and English. In the case of any discrepancies, the Arabic version will be relied on as the more consistent.
  16. Any submission not adhering to the above rules and guidlines will be deemed ineligible for competition



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