Who are the organizers of the contest?

Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award (HIPA), is an independent award established in the Emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates in order to encourage and spread the culture of photography across the world.

Who can participate in the competition?

We encourage individuals from all over the world to participate except those who are under 18 years.

What are the categories of the contest?

Please see this page for categories

How do I send photos to the competition?

You can send photos that wish to participate in the competition through the website of the award www.hipa.ae

Do I have to register only through the website?

Yes, registration and submission is only available through the website, and the rules must be read and agreed on.

What are the fees involved in the competition?

There are no subscription fees and the competition is completely free.

How many pictures can I participate with?

You can submit a maximum of 4 photos for all categories, 1 photo for each category.

How can I make sure that you received my photos?

After uploading a photos and submitting, you will receive a confirmation receipt via email.

If I was not nominated, will my photos be used?

Your photographs will not be used commercially but might be used to promote the award.

What are the prizes?

Click the following link to view

Can I participate in the award for UAE nationals?

If you are a UAE National, and fulfilled all requirements, you then have the right to participate in the award for UAE Nationals. This doesn’t not prevent you participating for other prizes also.

Can anyone participate in HIPA?

If you are a citizen of any country in the world which is a member of the United Nations then you have the right to participate in HIPA

Can I participate with a photo that has already won a competition?

You cannot participate with a photo that has already won in a competition. Please note that if HIPA discovers that the photo has won other awards then the management will withdraw the photo and could take legal action.

Can I participate with a photo that has already been used for commercial purposes?

You cannot participate with a photo was used for commercial purposes, and if the award later found that the photo has been used for commercial purposes, the award management will withdraw the photo and have the right to take legal action.

Do I have to take pictures with a digital camera?

You can participate with pictures taken with digital or analogue, but the submission must be digitally online. So film would have to be scanned by the participant.

Do I have to write a description with the photo I submit?

Yes, a brief description which explains what the photo is about should be submitted. Wordcount is not more than 30 words.

Can I delete or replace photos that I have uploaded?

Yes, you have 3 days from uploading you image to decide whether to delete or replace your entry.

What should I do if I am unable to upload my photo?

You should make double-check that your photos meet the specifications for submission.

I have not received any confirmation by e-mail, why?

Make sure to save the message sent to you from the award, and check your spam or Junk mail.

How will I be notified if win the competition?

If you win the competition, you will be notified via the e-mail address you provided during registration, and you will be asked to provide documents and data necessary to make sure that the data provided is correct.

If I have any more questions that the FAQs don’t answer, who can I contact?

Please send an email to: info@hipa.ae and we will try to ensure we assist you.


Good luck, we look forward to receiving your entries soon.


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